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Money vs. Success

Updated: Apr 4


When you say that word what does it make you feel? That sounds weird, I know...but for real, think about it, because I'm sure it makes you feel something.

Does it make you feel stressed? Sad? Excited? Disappointed? Proud?

I really want to know. We are in rare times. For us anyways, this kind of thing has happened over and over to our economy, but now it's personal because we are the grown-ups and it's our lives and our money. It's our homes and our bank accounts and our families at risk. It's A LOT.

I read a book called "Happy Money" by Ken Honda, it's a little out there, but I loved what I got. Money is not good, nor bad. It's neutral and what is done with it is what makes it positive or negative. He suggests that when we exchange money we are exchanging energy and encourages us to think about the energy we wish to spread. Most importantly he encourages us to remove the emotion from money and start utilizing it well, for our own and other's benefit. With happy energy. That's not easy to do in a recession, no doubt. So I'm inviting you to a special call tonight that can be the first step.