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Money vs. Success

Updated: Apr 4, 2023


When you say that word what does it make you feel? That sounds weird, I know...but for real, think about it, because I'm sure it makes you feel something.

Does it make you feel stressed? Sad? Excited? Disappointed? Proud?

I really want to know. We are in rare times. For us anyways, this kind of thing has happened over and over to our economy, but now it's personal because we are the grown-ups and it's our lives and our money. It's our homes and our bank accounts and our families at risk. It's A LOT.

I read a book called "Happy Money" by Ken Honda, it's a little out there, but I loved what I got. Money is not good, nor bad. It's neutral and what is done with it is what makes it positive or negative. He suggests that when we exchange money we are exchanging energy and encourages us to think about the energy we wish to spread. Most importantly he encourages us to remove the emotion from money and start utilizing it well, for our own and other's benefit. With happy energy. That's not easy to do in a recession, no doubt. So I'm inviting you to a special call tonight that can be the first step.

Money doesn't buy happiness. Success creates happiness. The true definition of success, as you'll learn tonight is a combination of three things: Income, Lifestyle, and Impact. A scam artist can have a lavish lifestyle and a great "income," but the impact is crap. That's not success. When you have a good income, the lifestyle you want, and are positively impacting others...that's success. It's worth chasing.

Having a positive impact is personal and subjective. I'm not saying you have to set out to change the world. I will say that those who have an income that allows for life not to be stressful, a lifestyle that is comfortable and allows for fun and enjoyment, time for things they love, be it travel or sports, or just relaxing with their family, and are able to feel that they are contributing to something bigger, in any way, feel good. They feel successful. It's peaceful.

In my previous business, I knew I was positively impacting some lives. I had an income that supplemented our family's needs well. I did not have the lifestyle I wanted or the time freedom I believed I would have. I also began to hope for greater impact as well as the question of whether my impact was truly positive outside of the products I was sharing. This was because I was struggling internally with the business, so while there was a positive impact, I didn't feel like I was being authentically impactful.

When I first started earning, I started spending. It felt amazing to have some extra income. We had just built a home and things were tight, I had just had my third baby and hadn't bought clothes in 6 years. It was exciting and fun. When that income turned into something much more than I could have expected, I wasn't exactly ready for it. I'm still working on doing the right things with the income I have and I know this training tonight will be life-changing for anyone who jumps on the call, myself included.

I'm also hoping it will give me some good talking points for my daughter, who wants Dutch Bros. Coffee twice a day because she "thinks the cup is cool." Helping kids have a strong understanding of money is such a task. Unless it's Jeremiah, the 6-year-old who told me I should vote no on prop 27 and explained to me what a car lease was the other day. I don't know where this kid came from.

*Note to say...I am not endorsing Prop 27, I have no idea what it is, but if he can convince me and it lines up with my research I may very well let him make all of my future voting decisions.

Are you great with money? Could you be better (the answer is always yes)? Do you just save? Or is the money you have saved earning you more money?

I often hear people say that they don't need more money. I'm not here to argue that. That sounds like a great place to be. I work with and know a lot of very successful people though and none of them would ever say that. It's not about a car or anything material. It's about how much more good you can do when you have more. I was recently in a mastermind where we were planning out our next 100 years, truly. Nearly everyone agreed that one goal was to have a set amount to give, every month. Be it to a family in need, a charity, a child, or something outside of our world. The thought of that drives me.

In the last year and a half, I've taken part in tons of training that has been invaluable, but tonight's is maybe one of the most important, and I get to invite you. There are no strings attached.

You need to be there. Just like in everything, from personal development to whatever your area of expertise or business should never want to stop learning, and you should always take a free class from someone who has truly done it right. Of course, it's your time, but I believe that there will be something in this for everyone and I'd love for you to benefit from this.

The Businessman and coach I've learned from the most in the last year, has put together this incredible training (with no course to buy at the end ) that is for anyone. It's going to help you organize your spending, consider the future, and plan to grow, no matter what your income is, in a way that can change everything about how you view money. It can change your future and future generations.

If that hasn't been your goal, I invite you to make it one right now.

If you'd like to attend and want a text reminder from me with the link to join, simply click this link and get yourself in there.

Justin has recently worked with Tony Robbins in his Money Mastery program which is not in my budget at all, so the information that will be shared is going to be incredible and hard to get outside of this call. There is no program to purchase at the end. He will be handing the call off to my friend, Jen DeTracey, who has owned multiple businesses and has built a multiple 7 figure career within my company to be used as an asset. She will explain how that is possible, but following Justin's presentation, you can choose to stay and listen or take the knowledge you've gained and start building your future.

If you are looking for more support or a true game plan financially, I have some of the best connections in the industry. Be it investments, savings, or budget. We can set up a free call anytime and I'd be happy to connect you to some of my friends, who thankfully know a lot more than I do ❤️.

As always...Go Forth & Slay

⚔️ Katie

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