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I want to leave this world better than I found it, and one of the ways I’ve gotten to do that is through podcasts with some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met.

Ready to meet some of my favorite people? Take a listen and be sure to check out everything they have to offer...

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Katie Anne Barnett joins the show as the host of the Level After Next Podcast, sharing her journey of self-discovery, overcoming setbacks, and stepping into her giftings and calling.

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For business owners and entrepreneurs, social media is a must. But how do you successfully share your story on social media while being authentic and navigating around the haters. In this weeks, episode Katie Barnett, social influencer and founder of Level After Next, shares her experience on social media, building a following and being real!

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In this episode we interview Katie Barnett, founder of Level After Next. Katie walks us through how she used network/affiliate marketing to create a generational wealth vehicle for her family.

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Your host, Christopher Dedeyan, talks with Katie Anne Barnett. Katie touches on multiple topics in this episode, discussing educated consumers, clean live, the importance of mental health, and techniques to maintain a calm state of mind.

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Imagine having a 6 figure income, a team of over 1000 people that is continuing to grow and prosper but you still feel empty. What do you do? Most of the world would put their head down, enjoy the steady paychecks rolling in, and grind it out. Katie Anne Barnett wanted more than that and bet on herself to recreate something even bigger. As she puts it, she didn't really have a choice because you have to look in the mirror and be happy. Katie called her shot and replaced that income in less than 60 days while being fulfilled. She shares with us her philosophies she uses to build her teams including; "I build leaders", failure is beautiful, and why a laundry assistant has been so helpful. Join us, subscribe, and share this amazing podcast with your loved ones!

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Hello Moms! Need s hot in the arm today and a little extra motivation? Katie has it all. This show is for you. It's not all about washing clothes, making dinner, and driving the kids to school.

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Katie Barnett is a business woman and proud mother of three. She got her BS in Health Science, secondary teaching credential to teach a number of subjects at the high school level, then a Masters in Education. In 2014 she created Chico Chalk & Calligraphy, a local art business creating personalized signs for weddings, showers, businesses and homes. She later jumped into her first network marketing gig a few years later. Katie grew a large team and rose to senior leadership in record timing for this company. She became well known for succeeding in running this business online and helping others do the same. She now trains on leadership, online business, social media, mental health, self care, and being a good human.

Her company, Level After Next Org. seeks to empower women to see their story as power and shift from a limited mindset to one of abundance. With a goal of transforming lives they provide the tools for anyone to walk confidently into their purpose and future, knowing that they can take their life beyond the Next Level, to one of great impact and financial security.

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“Your vibe is everything. And if you feel like you’re at a low, it’s worth stepping into something bigger to attract something bigger, and that can be in your relationships, in your friendships, in your business, in your life, in everything. It’s about becoming what you want to be surrounded with. Because, as cliché as it sounds, your vibe truly attracts your tribe, what you put out into the universe is going to come back in abundance.”

Daily Helping Podcast Appearance

Sarah Campos was born in Arizona and raised in Southern California. She graduated from ASU with a BS in Business. A hairdresser by trade, she now runs a full time e-commerce business online that supports clean living and wellness. She is the mother to Jaxon, Alesa and Ford.

When tragedy struck her family in the form of the death of her 8 year old son, it sent her drinking into a destructive spiral. Numbing the pain of the loss she eventually ended up in detox and finally found help in AA and Al Anon. 

She is new to the sober community but in 2 short years her sobriety has been completely life changing even in the worst circumstances. Today she gets to live imperfectly but free from addiction. She honors her son’s memory in the love she gives to his siblings.

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Have you ever done well for yourself, believed there was something more for you and been willing to make the change? Listen to Katie's story as she created and built a great business and then pivoted to make a move that she knew was best for her!

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In this episode of The Remote CEO Show, I had the pleasure to interview Katie Barnett. Katie is the true definition of a Remote CEO. After quitting her full-time job she realized that she needed more help and support in her business if she wanted to scale while being able to spend time with her family and do the things she loved. Katie managed to triple her income in just three months and now she runs the business with multiple streams of income.

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Are you interested in building your brand? Have you been struggling with an imbalance in your relationship?


Today, we dive into the importance of finding your passion, building your brand, and growing a following. In this episode, I talk with Katie Barnett. She’s been an entrepreneur for 10 years now. With a BS in Health Science and a master’s in education, her passion is educating and improving lives.


Now, she runs a large online business with multiple streams of income, unlimited possibilities, unmatched products, and the ability to help so many others not just go next level, but many more levels above. We discuss all the businesses that Katie has run, and how she pivoted to make time for herself and her family.


We also tap into how to work on a relationship where only one of the partners is leveling up, and the other isn’t. It’s a power-packed advice episode.

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