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Addressing the Lies about Modere...and Me

This is not the blog I planned or even wanted to write today, but it’s necessary.

A month and a half ago, I shared a lot about the genuine reasons behind leaving my previous company 25 months ago. I wasn’t sure anyone cared at this point, but I knew I needed to talk about it. The only reason I waited so long was that I had to.

To catch you up:

After I resigned in February 2021, I was sent several letters threatening legal action for choosing to resign from my position completely and work with a different company, to grow in the ways I had hoped to, and to lead and work from a place of integrity. I was accused in a final packet, sent by a law firm, of many things that I had not done, but it was clear that there were many loopholes and semantics that, should they genuinely choose to sue a stay-at-home mom, they could have.

I was in a challenging place, personally. While I don’t advertise the details of my life over the last few years, I have nothing to hide regarding it.

When I received the final, intimidating, packet, I was going through some difficult times in my marriage. I was broken, living with family while we did some hard work. My children’s lives were in upheaval, and the only thing that mattered to me was helping them get through everything the best I could, which meant sucking up the things being said about me, allowing the lies to be told, knowing that those who truly knew me would know better than to believe them, and also accepting that good people would probably fall victim to the lies, but that I would be ok. I was ok, my business proved to be exactly what I knew it could and would be as soon as I learned about it and realized what I had been trying to ignore.

I would serve my children, I would trust in God, I would be ok, but I wouldn’t put our family through any more than it had to go through. So I let it all go…until I was free to share again, which was officially in February of this year. It was on my calendar.

I’ve gone over so much in my previous posts. I know I’ve continued to upset people, but more importantly, I’ve shed much light on a decision that was not made lightly and I’ve been able to explain to my team, the ones who most deserved this explanation, what led to this huge and surprising decision. Through this sharing and the willingness of people to reach out, I have realized that there are several questions that I still left unanswered.

So today I will answer them, at least the first few I know that continue to circulate.

First of all, to those of you who have messaged me with an apology for believing things you heard, for disliking me for the decision I made and the things you were told, for anything really…I want you to know I do not hold any anger or resentment towards you. It means the world to me to hear from you, but I do not feel owed an apology at all; that said, I love hearing from you. I love getting to reconnect; I loved the people I worked with, even when I realized that I was no longer in the right place. Most importantly, though, I have always understood that when you are in a community that thrives on holding the same beliefs and is afraid of people looking outside, the things you are told and will be willing to believe are not your fault. It would not be your fault if you wanted to accept them. I’m not upset with anyone for participating in those conversations and sharing what they were told. I understand. I understand that you didn’t feel you had reason to question. I know you may have been told these things by people you trusted, and I’ve learned that people, businesses, organizations, and many other governing groups will do anything to protect themselves.