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For years, I have served as a supporter to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice on business and life. In 2021, I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and my curious wonderings about our society. I founded Level After Next with a mission to inspire others with great hopes of connecting with others.  When I began to guest on podcasts, I found an incredible, virtually untapped world of genius in every domain.  My network has grown through my own business and online presence, but ten fold through the work I do within my podcast, Level After Next, and through the amazing guest spots I've had.  My personal business is helping others find the help, genius, and support that best fits their vision and their budget.  Whether just getting started, needing to scale a large business, brand support, or wanting to begin a podcast or online presence, I have you covered and I can't wait to see what I can learn from you as well!

My personal life has me living in Northern California with my three young children and firefighter husband.  I have a BS in Health Science, a secondary teaching credential, and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction.  I had intended to teach, and loved my years teaching high school, but my husband's career made continuing in education difficult once we met our firstborn.  

I began my first company as a local in home business creating artwork and signs for weddings, homes, showers, and businesses.  This was a labor of love, but a difficult strain on my time with young children.  

In 2017 I was introduced to a product in direct sales that was really needed in our home.  As is often the case, I hosted a party, then knew I'd talk about the products with others and figured I should at least earn those commissions.  I do nothing halfway, so in I went on this way of potentially earning that I really knew nothing about.  What resulted was a fast growing team, an incredible community, and great success.  I also began to learn and train on the workings of social media.  Through this I found great calling, reconnected with my love of educating, and realized my desire to help as many people as I could.

In early 2020 I realized I was no longer in a space of growth and made a decision to begin to work with another company that would allow more of an opportunity for me to grow my own personal business, as well as be an incredible business opportunity for others.  My success within that company has been unbelievable, but the greatest gift has been being able to grow this personal business and create multiple streams of income for myself, while helping others do the same.  My journey is chronicled through my blog and often on my podcast, and I am an open book should you ever want to learn more.

Most of all, I am honored your here.  I value your interest, and I hope so much that we can connect.

Much love



Our mission is to empower all to be able to see their story as power and shift from a limited mindset to one of abundance.  We will provide the tools for anyone to walk confidently into their purpose and future, knowing that they can take their life beyond the Next Level, to significant impact and financial security.  There is no such thing as too big, too hard, or too late.


Our vision is to become a well-known, well trusted, and expansive source for individuals who are ready to realize and make use of their gifts and and expand their impact through;  1:1 coaching, content creation, publishing, speaking engagements, website development, podcast bookings, creating a podcast, social media, and beyond. We will use our influence and vast network for massive impact.

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