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From Anti MLM to Top Earner to Skeptic and Slayer: Part 1

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

My personal experience. What is there to love and hate about this billion-dollar industry?

I thought MLMs were such BS. I did use some of their products. My best friend was always repping something and had big goals that I dismissed. I was talked into joining a few companies because I was too nice to say no and every time I had a flash of a moment where I thought *well maybe* and then it would go away when I realized I’d have to do something and never return. After college, another best friend got huge in Mary Kay and I was wholly unsupportive of her business, something I regret to this day. I was young and just thought it was lame…but also, she was crushing it and earning cars so maybe there was a little bit of resentment there since I hated my desk job.

Cut to a decade, later a product caught my eye, I needed a safe wa