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Zach White, The Happy Engineer, Dishes on Transforming CEO Mindsets

From episode: Zach White

So when working with the people that you do, these top -level CEOs, do they, I mean, just from a curiosity standpoint, give me the dirt. Do they come to you already like, okay, I want to shift this. I need to change this. Like, I'm ready. I'm willing. Or is it hard for them to, I mean, because it is. It is a huge, huge thing to start taking complete and total responsibility for who you're going to be, how you're going to think, what you're going to do, and knowing that you are in control of what's happening in your world. And it's really easy to just blame others and look outward. It's way more fun, seemingly, until you start to do that inner work and you're like, oh, this is incredible. So I'm just, I'm wondering, like, do you have to, like, hold them up against a wall and do, like, water torture? Or are they typically, like, ready for this shift? I'm going to give you the dirt. Here's the dirt. Very rarely does an engineering leader at any level, and honestly, I think we could say human nature, period, but especially for your typical deep analytical thinker, introversion as a personality trait, et cetera. These leaders don't wake up and roll out of the bed one morning and say, you know, what I need is a coach to help me transform my mindset today. That never happens. Maybe there's a few out there who on their own journey discover this and then realize it and reach out for help. I won't say it never happens. But the truth is we're triggered in our lives by the things that are disrupting our ability to find comfort and peace and joy in our day -to -day life. So they're frustrated because they can't get that next promotion. They feel stuck or stagnant in their career. They've lost their passion for engineering, and they start asking the question, like, is this it? Is this all there is? You know, surely my life was meant for more than this. Or they have some really big challenge at home. Their marriage is on the rocks, or their kids are causing them all kinds of stress and they don't know how to deal with it or fill in the blank, right? There's a thousand things that happen. And so typically, that external world is the trigger. And we get up to that point where, especially for an engineer, it's, well, I know what I want, but I don't know how. And they get trapped in this tyranny of how. And eventually there's enough friction there that if you can come and shine a light on that and promise solution a and say, well, hey, here is a path to getting the outcomes that you want, then people will listen.

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Van Vogel
Van Vogel
Jul 11, 2023

Great Podcast Katie!

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