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Part 3: To my Team H&S: I was Dishonest.

Updated: Feb 14

I pride myself on honesty. It's ingrained in me. My parents always joked that as long as they asked the right questions, they'd always get the truth. As I got older I took to giving far too much information for the sake of complete transparency. Sometimes all the information isn't needed. But it's who I am. I think it's a bit of a defense mechanism, letting it out in case I did something wrong. Owning my shortcomings so that I can get feedback or learn from another how I can do better. Telling the full truth so that others won't think I'm holding back.

My brother is the same way, I'm constantly telling him he doesn't need to explain himself or over-apologize, or ever apologize to me, but at the same time, I get it. It helps us to be forthcoming. When my family was planning my (surprise) wedding, my father had a broken knee and a potential blood clot. The most important thing to me was his health, and I wanted him to get into the dr asap. While he was on the phone the day before the wedding (I had no idea what was taking place), I sat there while he told the receptionist that he couldn't go to the dr the next day, he said: "my daughter is getting married." I screamed at him, "WHAT??!? Dad just take the appointment! What are you saying, don't LIE!!"

Later at my brother's house, I broke the devastating news to him that our father can actually tell a lie 😂. I remember the look of confusion and anger on his face while I explained the situation, he seemed so upset I felt I had to calm him down "I think it's fine JR, I mean, I think he just really wanted to get an appointment today...but we have to come to terms with the fact that he is capable of lying."

It was unfathomable, this man would go to great lengths to return something that was sent on accident and go back to the grocery store if he found he was undercharged; he has always taken responsibility for his actions, he was and still is a fantastic leader and he taught us how to live in the truth, always. Even if it was hard.

So, he wasn't lying; the look on my brother's face was genuine concern that I had figured out what was happening. I was oblivious, though, so for a few days, I grappled with my dad being a liar 😂 which made this surprise nuptial all the more funny and wonderful. Thank goodness I learned the truth. We don't lie in this family. We face the music and we feel safe knowing that, if nothing else, we are honest and trustworthy. We can believe in one another.

What does this have to do with my message to you? Well, I was dishonest when I resigned from our business and team. I didn't want to be; I wanted to explain everything to all of you. I had to repeat the party line that "I was making the best decision for myself and my family." Stating that meant that while people would still be upset and confused by my decision, it's very hard to argue that someone shouldn't do what is right for them. With this being my stance, I was accused of abandoning my team. You may have felt blind-sided and abandoned and I am so sorry. Having been bound to a contract and fearing a lawsuit, the truth was not safe to tell.

I resigned fully because I was not ok with continuing to benefit financially from a team I could no longer lead. Once I saw I was not in alignment, I was not ok with continuing to earn money from your businesses or orders.

Many of you became a part of my team simply to get discounts on your products. Some of you hoped to find success in the business. Many did earn money, only to become burnt out or unable to continue running parties. I hope that you found some value in our community. Getting to support and work with you all, on any level was such an honor. We had a very special group, and that time will always be one of the greatest of my life. Getting to encourage and support. We did have a beautiful community that I miss very much.