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This Is for YOU: Align These 3 Things to Create the Life You Want

From episode: Zach White

what can you say to these people that make them understand that this is for them? All of this is for them. Because it is, you guys, it's like, this is about you. It's about anybody. That's my biggest concern is that people will listen to really any kind of podcast where they're trying to gain something, grow from it. And it's still like, they feel like that's like, okay, this is good information, but that's for them. There's three things. I'm just going to tangent really quick, Katie, can I do that? What you just said triggered a really important principle. This is for you, that person who might want to keep Katie's amazing podcast and all the information it provides at an arm's length. So three things we want to align energetically to go create the life that we want. The first is just the desire. Do I know what I want? Am I actually aiming the energy towards a clear outcome? And I'm going to pause right there and just be honest. A lot of people think they know what they want, but they really don't. It's not enough to just say, I want to be rich. I want to be happy. Like everybody on the planet wants to be rich and happy. That's not an answer. So do you really know what you want specifically? Can you paint that picture with a level of clarity that you could literally put it on a movie screen and show the image of your life lived the way you want it? So do you know what you want? Desire. That's energy number one. It needs to be pointed towards something clear. But the second one is belief. Do you actually believe that that's possible? So if you don't, then you won't go for it. That energy will go in the opposite direction, or it won't go anywhere. And this is an important question to ask yourself. Okay, I want to be a millionaire. I want $1 million in the bank. So it's a little more specific. It's still not enough, but let's just stop there for this illustration. Well, do you believe that it's possible to have $1 million? If your truthful answer to that is no, you will never do what it takes to have $1 million. So we need to get to a level of belief. Is this even possible? But it's the third one that stops almost everybody. Like lots of people will look around and say, well, you know, Katie has $1 million, Zach has $1 million, or so -and -so has $1 million. So it must be possible. I believe that it's possible because I see examples of it. So I can't logically say that it's not possible. I see it happening all around. But esteem is number three. That's this question of, am I allowed to have it? Is this for me? Is $1 million something that is okay for me to have? Do I believe it for myself? Is my esteem at a level, is my self -worth, my self -image aligned with the fact that I can have it? And if you don't believe that, if you don't have the esteem for it, then again, you'll sabotage it all day long, or you'll keep it at arm's length, like Katie just said about this podcast. Oh, that was a cool conversation, but it doesn't apply to me. It's not for me, or I can't have it. So all three of these energies need to be pointed the same direction. Do you know what you want? Do you believe that it's possible? And do you believe that it's for you?

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