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Quantum Physics: The "Spookiness of Life" With Dr. Victor Manzo

From episode: Stepping Into Your True Power with Dr. Victor Manzo

What I really want to get to is quantum physics. I feel like, you know, this is something that's talked about, it's posted about, but I don't think people have any kind of real concept of that term. So, you know, I know this is, like, kind of an all over question. But I do think it's important that you start to at least, like, give us an idea, some kind of just framework for what it means when people talk about quantum physics. Yeah. So, like, the way I like to say the quantum world and stuff like that. So, when I first started teaching, like, doing energy medicine or energy healing and trying to teach it, like, even when I was in chiropractic school, I used to present on it and just share about energy and how does it work and how are we influenced by it. And a lot of times people thought that was woo -woo, especially I was down below the Bible Belt in Dallas, Texas. And so, what ended up happening was that they're like, oh, that's spiritual stuff. That's woo -woo. But then what happened is quantum physics came around. Now, it's been around for a long time. It's not something new. But it started to have experiments. There's been studies. They've done these experiments to see, to understand the spookiness. Because what quantum physics is doing playing is they're around with the spookiness of life. I call it the X factor. And the spookiness is what it means is things don't act in a behavioral way like it should. It's not linear. And I wouldn't say it's random because it's not random. But it's very like, so for an example, they've done a study that was done or experiment called the observer effect. And what this is, it's basically called the double slit study. And what it did is they were through shooting electrons the sea. Is light a particle or a wave? And how is it going to behave based upon that? And so, they did the experiment. And they have it go through the two slits. And when it goes through, it should show up on the sensors like this. And some uniformly it did when they were looking at the experiment. But when they didn't look, it would go into a wave format. So, it's like the light with the electrons spread. So, it looks like thin on the outside bands. And it gets thicker as it goes into the middle. And they're like, hold up, wait a minute. We just messed this up. So, they go ahead and they redo it over and over and over again. And they keep getting the opposite results. So, this doesn't make sense. So, maybe we did it wrong. So, let's redo it all over again. And they do it all over. And long story short, they do the study again. And it starts doing the same thing when they were looking and acted the way they expected it to. When they weren't looking, it didn't act that way. And so, what that means is that when we talk about that from a quantum perspective, we're understanding that... I don't want to use the randomness, but this non -linear experiences of what we have in life, and this is everything. So, the quantum world is that. So, this is the different world that we have with the world of one world where it's like linear. This is what you do. It's kind of like in the business world. It's hard work, grind, hustle, mentality, all this stuff. Put the sweat equity. You do this stuff over a period of time, you get this. You do this, then you get that. That's a very linear type of process. Quantum, there's infinite ways of how you can get to where you want to get to. Just which one do you want to choose?

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