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Pushing Past the Darkest Days of Your Second Act With Zach White

From episode: Zach White

chapter two, you push through many challenges. And I know, cause I've, I've had a chapter two of my own and there were times in it, especially in the beginning where that like ability and desire to really push through and figure myself out and see hope in it, like it wasn't easy to find. So how did you find it? Katie, I appreciate your honesty on that. And you're right. There were some dark days at the beginning of chapter two. And I'll say two things that were most important for me to create that change in trajectory, to go from rock bottom towards progressing in my life in the direction of what we might call success, but, but a fulfilling, deeply meaningful life. And the first one was that I stopped keeping secrets. I stopped doing life alone. There was so much that was not working for me in chapter one. And I knew it. There was real difficulty and pain and discomfort and things that I, you're looking back. It's not that I was unaware that my marriage was failing. It's not that I was unaware, but I didn't know how to solve it. And I was too ashamed, too embarrassed and honestly too proud, too much ego to go ask for help. And I just kept it a secret from everyone. People who loved me had no idea that I was on the brink of divorce and that I was feeling depressed. Like nobody knew. They were shocked. And so the first thing that I did when everything came crashing down was I called my sister. I called my mom. I called my other sister. I called my best friend. I called my therapist and said, I need help. And letting them in and stopping this belief that I had to do it on my own was the most important first step.

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