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A woman who knows what she wants usually gets it.

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

If you don’t know who you are, it’s real hard to know what you want, or believe it is possible.

This is an epidemic. We grow up and forget who we are. Most of the time it’s for a “good” cause, family, an income, self preservation, but it does no good. You wake up one day and you realize you don’t know your purpose outside of your daily tasks, the weekly “too-do’s,” the planned engagements. As a mom you care so much about your children’s future, but you’re too focused on getting through the day that there isn’t a bigger picture of creating a legacy for them.

You forget that you are capable of big and extraordinary things, or even worse…you don’t believe you are anymore.

Professionally it can be one foot in front of the other just to stay afloat, rather than with an excitement for all the things to come.

Do the work. Commit to finding that person who believed in all the big things. If you’ve never believed, oh Sis…it’s time to start. It’s never too late.

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